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vimsh vmsvc/message

Usage: message vmid [messageId] [messageChoice]

Replies to the current pending question on the vm.

Starting a VM in for example the virtual infrastructure client or the web client present a question to you. This question has to be answered before the VM can continue starting up. When using vim-cmd you don't get this type of question. Instead you are supposed to use this method.


# vim-cmd vmsvc/message 23 
Virtual machine message _vmx1:
msg.uuid.altered:This virtual machine might have been moved or copied.
In order to configure certain management and networking features, 
VMware ESX needs to know if this virtual machine was moved or  copied. 

If you don't know, answer "I copied it". 

   0. Cancel (Cancel)
   1. I moved it (I moved it)
   2. I copied it (I copied it) [default]

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