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Unfortunately I have been rather busy lately. Because of that I've had little time to process the scripts that have been published. But that doesn't mean I didn't keep a record of them :) So until I get a bit more time, here's the list of scripts... (It will probably grow some more before it gets shorter again)

recent hyperlinks

VMware VIX – Changing IP’s of a Guest VM

Four PowerCLI One-Liners That Saved The World!

Getting Started with the vMA (tips/tricks)

vSphere APIs for Performance Monitoring - Webinar, PDF Posted !

Find the BIOS Version of an ESX Host

PowerCLI: VM displayName -ne Name

PowerCLI: Speed boost, Find VM Snapshots by Name.

Add Vmx Path to VI Client using Powershell

Service status and email if down (as well as try to start it)

PowerCLI: Set-dvSwitch

Creating vSphere Client Plug In - Tech Ex Developer Day Session


PowerCLI: More HAL Information

PowerCLI: Host Network Config

PowerCLI: Enable/Disable the VM Hot Add features

PowerCLI: Check CPU/Memory Hot Add

PowerCLI: One-Liners Checking Host Network Information


PowerCLI: How many VMs on your Datastores ?




How to list datastores and VMs that are on shared storage.


PowerCLI: Reading host log files

Visual Basic Samples for VMware vSphere™ Webservices SDK

Create File system

Performance Statistics

Remote Console URL

Average CPU and Memory Use Per Host Per Cluster

Ruby sample code and library for VI SDK


PowerCLI: Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) info

Configuring Network with PowerCLI and .CSV File



When was the last time that VM was powered on?


Adding Port Groups with PowerCLI